What Is AEW?


AEW is a professional wrestling promotion. It is one of the largest wrestling promotions in the United States alongside WWE, and it is based in Jacksonville, Florida.

Despite being a new promotion, AEW has already made an impact on the wrestling industry with their first ever PPV – Double or Nothing! Despite this success, AEW has some challenges ahead of them.

The promotion is a rival to the popular WWE and they have a lot of talent on their roster. But if they can get a television deal and keep their fans interested, then AEW could make a big impact on the industry as a whole!

They also have a diverse roster of wrestlers that includes former WWE superstars and current wrestlers. This means that AEW has more options for their fans than other promotions.

Their main focus is on the talent and they pay their employees more than other promotions do. They also do not use scripted promotional material.

Besides their talent, AEW also has an excellent distribution concept for their shows. They have a weekly TV deal with TNT and their content is available for streaming on Hulu.

There is a lot of excitement surrounding AEW right now and they are sure to grow into a huge player in the professional wrestling industry. The question is how WWE will respond and whether they will be able to top AEW?

The AEW talent roster has a lot of stars and there are many different storylines going on. Some are just starting out and others have been around for a while. Some of the biggest names in AEW include Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega.