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A significant reduction in the number of short positions held in American Outdoor Manufacturers, Inc. during December was observed (NASDAQ: AOUT). As of December 15, there were 579, 600 shares sold brief, representing a 24. 1% decrease from the 579, 600 that were sold short on November 30. As of December 15, 440, 200 shares were offered short. The current short-interest ratio is 4. 7 days, calculated based on an average daily volume of 92, 900 shares. This indicates that there are currently 4. 7 times more short than long positions. Short sales account for approximately 3. 9% of the total outstanding stocks in the company’s stock.

On December 1, a report on the quarterly financial performance of American Outdoor Brands (NASDAQ: AOUT) has been made available to the public. The company reported earnings per share associated with $0. 23 for the quarter, which was $0. 09 higher than the consensus estimate among analysts, who had predicted earnings for each share of $0. 14. The company announced that its product sales for the quarter came in at $54. 44 million, which is lower than the market experts’ expectation that it would report $54. 66 million in sales for the one fourth. American Outside Brands had a negative net margin associated with 36. 54%, while the return on equity for the company was positive by the amount of 4. 78%. Equity research analysts anticipate that United states Outdoor Brand names will post a profit of $0. 38 per share for the current fiscal year.
Upon Friday morning, the opening price of the share associated with NASDAQ: AOUT stock was $10. 02 per talk about. This company’s simple moving average over the past fifty days is $9. 43, and the simple shifting average in the last two hundred days for this stock is $9. 01. The company possesses a price-to-earnings ratio of -1. 72, the beta value of 0. 19, and a market capitalization of $133. 57 million. There is a ratio associated with 0. 10 debt to equity, 2 . 61 quick ratios in order to current percentage, and seven. 34 present ratio to quick proportion. The ratio of the current ratio to the quick percentage is the highest. The lowest price that the stock of American Outdoor Brands has been in the past year is $7. ten, while the greatest price that the stock has been in the past year is $20. 47.
Various brokerage firms have recently shown interest in AOUT due to its recent market performance. The price target that B. Riley has set for American Outdoor Brands has increased from $11. 00 in order to $12. 00, as stated in a report that was made public upon Friday, Dec 2 . Lake Street Capital stated that they would be lowering their focus on price with regard to American Outside Brands from $20. 00 to $14. 00 inside a research report published on Friday, September 9. Cowen increased their price objective for Us Outdoor Manufacturers from $11. 00 to $12. 00 in a research report published on Friday, December second . Cowen increased their cost objective regarding American Outdoor Brands through $11. 00 to $12. 00 within a research statement published upon Friday, December 2 . The agenda was complete, and this was the final and most important item.

Recently, there has been activity in the market from a limited number of institutional investors buying and selling AOUT shares. During the first three months of this 12 months, Teton Advisors Inc. improved the percentage of United states Outdoor Brand names stock owned by 112. 5 percent. Teton Advisors Inc. now offers 68, 000 shares of the company’s share, currently valued at $893, 000. This is because the company made an additional purchase of 36, 000 gives during the most recent fiscal quarter. Landscape Capital Management L. L. C. successfully concluded a transaction with American Outdoor Brands during the second quarter from the fiscal yr, bringing the overall amount of the company’s investment in the latter to around $136, 500. By increasing the number of shares it possessed in American Outdoor Brands during the following quarter, Confluence Investment Management L. T. C. raised its total stock holdings by 45. 7%. After acquiring an additional 121, 606 shares of the company’s stock throughout the one fourth, Confluence Investment Management D. L. Chemical. now holds 387, 759 shares from the company’s share. There are 3, 687, 000 shares outstanding, which gives the company a market associated with $3, 687, 000. Gamco Investors increased the portion of United states Outdoor Manufacturers in which it invested 76. 5 percent during the third quarter of the fiscal year. In the most recent financial quarter, Gamco Investors Incorporation. and other traders purchased an extra 29, 500 shares of the company’s stock. This brings the total quantity of shares these investors own in the company to 66, 895, with a value of $587, 000. And finally, but certainly not least, throughout the third one fourth, Gabelli Funds L. M. C. improved its holdings of American Outdoor Brand names by purchasing an additional 28. 9% of the company’s shares. Gabelli Funds L. L. D. now has an additional fourteen, 427 stocks of the company’s stock, bringing the total number of shares owned by the organization to 64, 327. The present market value of these shares is $564, 000. Institutional investors and hedge funds collectively own 67. 59% from the total number associated with shares in the company, making up the majority of the shareholders.

American Outside Brands, Inc. is a company based in the United States and internationally and is in the business of manufacturing and retailing durable outdoor goods and accessories. Camping, shooting, fishing, hunting, and even providing oneself with self-defense equipment are some of the activities that these products can support. Items such as high-quality sporting knives and tools for angling and hunting, tools intended for land management to prepare to get hunting, harvesting items pertaining to activities that can be done after fishing or looking, outdoor cooking items, plus camping, survival, and emergency preparedness gear are examples of items that are part of the outside lifestyle.

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