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Synthetic intelligence is the ability of machines, especially computer systems, to mimic human intellectual capabilities. Some examples associated with particular AI applications include expert systems, natural language processing, voice recognition, and machine vision.

A list of Singaporean startups with an AI focus is provided below.


ViSenze was developed by web experts plus computer scientists with extensive machine learning and computer vision skills. For publishers and merchants, ViSenze enables visual commerce on a large scale. As customers seek and discover on the visual internet, the firm offers clever picture recognition technologies that shorten the route to purchase. Retailers like Rakuten and Urban Outfitters use ViSenze to turn photographs into live product search possibilities and boost conversion rates. Media firms make use of ViSenze in order to transform every picture or video in to an interaction opportunity and generate more new and additional revenue.

Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense is a well-funded, deep-tech AI firm with seasoned founders and a team founded to use computer eyesight to make the world safer plus better. 7th Sense strives to advance human being capabilities using its cutting-edge technology when individual eyes are required. This is done by allowing robots to view the world along with 99. 80% accuracy (facial recognition as an example). Pixels now make up 99% of all new raw data.

Seventh Sense’s secret weapon is its ability to run pc vision models, trained on millions of photos and having very high computational complexity, upon compact, low-power devices.


The goal of Polybee is to provide autonomous solutions and help boost agricultural output. Since roughly a third of the world economy relies on pollination, it significantly affects it. Polybee has discovered a strange phenomenon: in certain agricultural fields, manual pollination is required, or natural pollinators are just not effective enough.

The team will be developing scalable autonomous solutions for businesses like indoor vertical farms, seed enterprises, and high-tech greenhouses using their core competencies in aerial robots plus computer vision.


Docsumo is a data entry automation software. It captures data from documents such as invoices, receipts & forms and feeds that data directly to CRM, ERP & accounting software program. It reduces the time spent on data access and increases the accuracy from the captured information. Using AI, Docsumo eliminates the need for guide setup or even templates. It is as simple as uploading or emailing your documents to Google Drive and sending the captured data to your ERP & accounting software with the click of a button.


The global leader and inventor of Knowledge Process Optimization, TAIGER’s goal is to assist businesses in increasing operational effectiveness by automating challenging cognitive processes. Its worldwide offices are now in Hong Kong, Dubai, Madrid, Mexico City, and New York, and its headquarters is in Singapore.


Datature allows teams and businesses to build deep-learning models without a single line of code. Manage datasets, annotate, train plus deploy – all in a single cloud-based platform.


Digital marketers can use the Insider Growth Management Platform (GMP) to accelerate growth at every sale funnel stage, through acquisition through activation, retention, and revenue. GMP helps marketers to offer individualized experiences across online, mobile web, mobile applications, and ad channels by using real-time predictive segmentation backed by deep Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning abilities.


The best SaaS bot defense tool for e-commerce and classified companies is DataDome. One of the digital startups inside Paris with the quickest growth is called DataDome. The company provides cutting-edge technologies that defends eCommerce websites against sophisticated cyberattacks like credential stuffing and intense scraping in real-time. This solution is based on AI plus machine studying.

HPC-AI Technology

HPC-AI Technology provides a cloud-based system to enhance AI computations simply by increasing CPU and GPU processing speeds.


KeyReply is an enterprise conversation AI platform with automated patient engagement and knowledge management features. It provides customized procedures for individual care plus information access related to medical protocols. Producing contextually relevant information from material throughout the company gives patients and physicians the necessary answers. Unlike manual customer service, which is costly, difficult to sell, and requires a lengthy hiring and training process, particularly in a highly specialized plus risky industry like healthcare. Hospitals that need to respond in order to patients and several stakeholders through various segmentation teams perform best while using KeyReply. In a setting of significant employee turnover, hospitals may decrease response times and boost response rates while increasing patient satisfaction. KeyReply, a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, allows omnichannel platforms and companies to use WhatsApp to serve its stakeholders better.


Ailyssa uses cutting-edge personal computer vision technology to provide practical insights, enabling the construction sector to improve safety plus boost efficiency. Ailyssa is hardware-independent and can be connected to any IP camera or network video recorder to give precise real-time identification of complicated safety risks, alarms, charts, and progress monitoring at building sites. Ailyssa may be used by project managers, safety officials, and construction developers to understand better the whole building process and the safety of their site.


Bifrost develops synthetic data tools to help AI groups build robust computer eyesight models – no information collection or even labeling required.


Inite is a web3 app that will generates lifestyle ideas and has a fun game and social mechanisms to keep users interested and motivated. Users arm themselves along with NFTs in the form of gadgets, and by coming up with fresh concepts, they may amass IDEA tokens and more NFTs. Inite is more than simply a game; this improves users’ productivity plus cognitive abilities. Science has shown that having a healthy brain increases lifespan by keeping the body active for extended periods. Inite was created to promote resourceful individuals’ intellectual and creative growth by regularly generating ideas. Inite wants to encourage a smarter, healthier way of life by using think2earn mechanisms to counteract cheap, addicting dopamine games. This particular lengthens the gaming ecosystem’s lifespan and draws a lot more people to web3. The company employs SocialFi plus GameFi to promote sustainable community and ecosystem development via user-generated web3 content. NEAR Foundation awarded a grant to Inite.


Tictag provides AI-based data annotation solution and crowdsource the process, offloads business and makes datasets workable again.


Businesses may use the omnichannel engagement plus commerce platform provided by Capillary Tech. Companies may use it to facilitate store-based business, handle orders via various channels, and manage item and content catalogs. Businesses may conduct and build marketing campaigns, segment their clientele, interact with them on social media, and create discounts thanks to the Marketing Cloud. Companies may categorize consumers with Client Analytics, tailor discounts, launch targeted promotions and forecast customer affinities. Businesses might avoid missed sales, release omnichannel marketing campaigns, implement self-checkouts plus assisted checkouts, interact with marketplaces, and put into action wallets thanks to online in order to offline trade.

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