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Scoot Henderson, G League Ignite

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In all likelihood, the earliest a college player goes in the draft is No. 3 overall. France’s Victor Wembanyama and the G League’s Scoot Henderson have quickly emerged as favorites at No . 1 and No. 2, respectively.

And between the other G League players, Overtime Elite and various international leagues, we could see more non-NCAA players draw top-five, lottery, plus first or second-round consideration.

Projected Top-Three Picks

Victor Wembanyama (Metropolitans 92, PF/C, 2004)

At this point, only doctors’ red flags could prevent Wembanyama from going first. After leaving scouts awestruck in Las Vegas with a combined 73 points, nine threes and nine blocks through two games against Ignite, the projected No . one pick has continued blowing minds in France’s top league. The particular 7’4″ 18-year-old is averaging 21. 3 points, 8. 9 boards, 1 . 6 threes, 2 . 7 assists and second . 9 blocks for the 6-1 Metropolitans 92.

The outrageous long-range shooting, self-creation into dribble jumpers and drives through defenders come off because persuasive and translatable based on the incredible fluidity he executes with. Throw in the unprecedented 8’0″ wingspan and mobility for rim protection, plus Wembanyama has the chance to be impactful in more areas than any other NBA player.

Scoot Henderson (G Little league Ignite, PG, 2004)

Henderson strengthened his case as the draft’s No . two prospect with 28 factors, nine aids and a number of tough jumpers against Wembanyama in Vegas. For a half of basketball, before Wembanyama erupted, some scouts thought that Henderson would eventually deserve thought in the No . 1 general debate.

Extremely high levels of ball-handling counters, change of speed and burst point to a guard who’ll bring consistent, breakdown penetration and creation to an NBA lineup. The seemingly improved shot-making offers helped Henderson create distance from anyone in college or Overtime Elite, though he always had a signature mid-range pull-up.

Amen Thompson (Overtime Elite, PG/SG, 2003)

The NBA’s best athlete debate will soon include Thompson, who’s 6’7″, jumps like Jalen Green plus gets to spots with Ja Morant’s quickness and flexibility. And despite possessing the particular physical profile of a wing, he spends more time playmaking as a lead ball-handler, creating for teammates and slicing through gaps. Perimeter scoring is a weakness, but any signs of potential shooting improvement could put him in the No . 2 overall discussion.

Lottery-To-First-Round Prospects

Ausar Thompson (Overtime Elite, SG/SF, 2003)

Though not the playmaker that Amen is, Ausar has more of a traditional scorer’s label and mentality. He’s also equally spectacular athletically, along with quickness and bounce that will translate to easy baskets and even more defensive impact/range. Ausar’s shooting plus decision-making need the most fine-tuning.

Leonard Miller (G League Fire up, SF/PF, 2003)

Miller’s last handful of appearances for scouts have been mixed, but the 6’10”, 18-year-old’s mistakes seem worth living with. The handle and wiggle to attack at his size remain appealing, while flashes associated with shot-making and defense suggest Miller can become a versatile scoring mismatch and two-way presence.

Nikola Djurisic (Mega, SG/SF, 2004)

Scouts got an interesting look in September in Djurisic going for 24 points and six assists against Overtime Elite’s Thompson twins. Playing as a featured weapon for Mega, the 6’8″ Serban wing should remain in the first-round discussion all season whilst he showcases a valued mix of shooting and passing IQ.

Rayan Rupert (New Zealand Breakers, SG/SF, 2004)

Rupert will be building a three-and-D case within the NBL, taking pictures 38. 9 percent through deep (NBL and NBL Blitz) plus flashing their 7’3″ wingspan and ball pressure. Not turning 19 until May 30, his valued archetype and room to improve should keep his name anchored in the No . 15-30 range on boards throughout the year.

Sidy Cissoko (G League Stir up, SG/SF, 2004)

Not much of a factor during Ignite’s exhibition games against Metropolitans 92 within Las Vegas, Cissoko is more of an intriguing idea than a future pro. His combination of 6’8″ size and two-way playmaking remains interesting from a versatility standpoint, although he’ll have to show a lot more promise like a half-court creator and shooter this year within the G Group.

Potential Second-Rounders

Efe Abogidi (G League Ignite, PF/C, 2001)

After two seasons below the radar at Washington State, Abogidi has a better chance to make an impression playing with Henderson and the Ignite. At 6’10”, 225 pounds, his impact is built around finishing plus shot-blocking, but he was also an excellent free-throw shooter in college (79. 9 percent career) whoms flashed mid-to-long-range touch worth monitoring.

Mojave King (G Little league Ignite, SG/SF, 2002)

King made a strong impression in Las Vegas, showing off their off-ball scoring skills and three-and-D possible. He has a nice comfort level getting himself involved from a spot-up role by shooting off the catch, cutting, line-driving plus running off screens.

Stats courtesy of Synergy Sports , Sports-Reference. com

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