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Not to keep you in the dark, we’ve rounded up the best rechargeable flashlights to buy right now. They use powerful LED bulbs that are brighter, longer lasting, more energy efficient, eco-friendly, portable, waterproof, and shockproof. They’re also tactical self-defense tools in disguise.

What to Look For in a Rechargeable Flashlight

A good standard rechargeable flashlight can be used indoors plus outdoors, including at home, while driving, dog-walking, camping, hiking, hunting, boating, or for general use and emergencies. But before we recommend which to buy, let’s shed some light on some key factors to consider.

  • Brightness: Although candela is the proper unit with regard to measuring brightness, for the purpose of this roundup in addition to like manufacturers, we’ll make use of lumen (a measure of luminous intensity). The flashlights below range from 900 to 3, 500 lumens. For context, a 300-lumen light can travel more than 50 meters.
  • Battery and even Runtime: As expected, rechargeable flashlights are battery-powered, and these are no exceptions. The particular flashlights in this roundup have or employ rechargeable batteries starting from 2, 600mAh upwards. Runtime ranges from 6 to 24 hours on low power mode.
  • Light Modes: Speaking of light modes, most of the items in our roundup have five light modes, including high, medium, low, strobe, together with SOS. This allows you to use them in different scenarios, including low-light conditions.
  • Dimensions and additionally Weight: Rechargeable flashlights are often pocket-sized allowing for easy carriage and mobility. They’re also lightweight but strong enough to do damage when used in technical self-defense. Our selection ranges from 3. 36 to 15. 5 ounces.
  • IP Rating: Ingress Protection (IP) rating lets you know how much moisture or particulate exposure your flashlight can withstand. Items in our roundup have IP ratings ranging from IP X5 (water-resistant) to IP 65 (waterproof). This rating means they’re suited for all weather conditions.

Best Overall: Anker Bolder LC90 Rechargeable Torch

Rechargeable flashlight by Anker


  • Up to 900 lumens
  • Up to 200 meters bright light sweep
  • Large capacity long-lasting battery
  • Long service life up to 50, 000 hours
  • Shockproof and water-resistant


  • Lengthy charge time
  • Use of micro USB cable

The Anker Bolder LC90 is our top pick for the best chargeable flashlight. This particular pocket-sized 6. 3-ounce 900-lumen CREE LED zoomable flashlight can sweep bright light across 660 feet or two hundred meters; the length of two football fields. It can also illuminate objects up to 1, 000 ft away not to mention works even at 14 degrees Fahrenheit. With such capabilities, there’s literally no hiding from the powerful beams of this sturdy yet affordable rechargeable torch.

The Anker Bolder LC90 uses a 3, 350mAh battery capable of producing high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS lights. In medium gentle mode, it can emit non-diminishing bright light for up to six hours, the same time it takes to reach full charge via micro USB. Its LED bulbs have a 50, 000-hour lifespan. IPX5-rated, this tough guy is water resistant and also shockproof. It’s made of scratch-resistant anodized aluminum, has anti-slip grips, and can be used in tactical self-defense, thanks to its long handle and scalloped bezel.

Best Overall

Best Budget: Hoxida Standard rechargeable Flashlight

Rechargeable flashlight by Hoxida


  • Up to one, 000 lumens
  • Up to 600 feet long-range beam
  • Four light settings supported
  • Long-lasting performance
  • One-tap off switch


  • Battery not included
  • Too light for a tactical lighting

The Hoxida Rechargeable Flashlight is our own top choose for the best budget rechargeable flashlight. This lightweight 1, 000-lumen flashlight weighs only 3. 36 oz . but punches well-above its weight. It can beam the zoomable mild 600 foot almost like the Anker Bolder LC90. It has four light modes (high, medium, COB, and strobe) and can run for 10 hours in low setting. Although electric batteries aren’t included, it can reach full charge in three hours.

IPX6-rated, this rugged rechargeable torch has a drop resistance of one meter and is equally waterproof. It has a magnetic base regarding hands-free use and COB sidelights that can come in handy, for instance, when working under the hood of your car at night. It has a belt or pocket clip. To power off the flashlight, simply tap once as well as hold for two seconds. It also doubles as a tactical weapon. For instance, you can use the strobe light in order to disorient an aggressor and hit all of them if they further attack you.

Best Budget

Hoxida Chargeable Flashlight

This just one, 000-lumen waterproof flashlight lasts up to 10 hours, has four light-weight modes, is lightweight, and light on your pocket.

Best For Home Use:   iToncs LED Normal rechargeable Flashlight

Recharheable flashlight by iToncs


  • 1, 000-lumen zoomable light output
  • As much as 600 toes coverage
  • Around 10-hour battery life in low mode
  • Long service lifespan of 60, 000 hrs
  • Strong magnetic tails


  • Output less than advertised
  • No medium lighting mode

Typically the iToncs Regular Flashlight will be our best recommendation for home make use of. You can use it during a power outage or even for searching poorly lit areas like the basement, loft, or under a bed. At 1, 500 lumens, this particular T6 Focus zoomable torch can stream bright light as much as 600 legs and can last for 10 several hours in lower mode with a 60, 000-hour LED life-span. It comes with rechargeable overcharge-protected batteries. However , remember to remove the battery insulation sheet before first work with.

The iToncs rechargeable torch supports large, low, COB, and HELP light methods. It has a strong magnetic tail that easily attaches to be able to metal surfaces for hands-free use. For instance, during an outage, you can attach this to your metal ceiling fan and the COB sidelights will keep your home well-lit until power is restored. To power off in any mode, simply press the particular switch plus hold for one to three seconds. It has an IP 65 rating, is water-resistant, and can withstand high-altitude drops. Made of aluminum, this ten. 5-ouncer can prove to be a handy self-defense tool.

Ideal Budget

Best For Travel in addition to Camping: Karrong Rechargeable Torch

Recharheable flashlight by Karrong


  • 2x 3, 500-lumen flashlights intended for emergency backup
  • Powerful a few, 000 mAh battery lasts up to 12 hours in lower mode
  • Supports five light source modes
  • IPX7 rating to get adverse outdoor conditions
  • 15. 5 ounce of trickery self-defense against attacks in the wild


  • May get hot after extended use
  • OEM battery life can be disappointing

When it comes to travel and camping, the Karrong Rechargeable Flashlight is your best bet. It’s compact and can easily fit in your wallet, backpack, or perhaps car where it can also cost while you drive. This zoomable torch uses a 3, 1000 mAh electric battery, produces 3, 500 lumens of non-diminishing light covering 500 meters, and can work for half of the day in reduced mode. It supports great, medium, reduced, strobe, and even SOS light-weight modes.

It has an IPX7 ranking, is shockproof, waterproof, and can be used in all weather conditions. Made from aviation-grade aluminium and weighing 15. 5 ounces, typically the Karong normal rechargeable flashlight doubles as a tactical self-defense device. You can use that to ward off animal attacks while out camping. Excellent lanyard that you can easily hook and unhook from your tent roof. They come in pairs pertaining to emergency back-up and can achieve full charge in 3 hours. Nevertheless , confirm that both are fully charged and in fact working prior to packing. You can tell from your power display indicators.

Best For Travel and Camping

Best For Work: Streamlight 78101 Rechargeable Torch

Rechargeable flashlight by Streamlight


  • Approximately 2, 000 lumens output
  • Long-lasting battery pack and all day run time in low function
  • Waterproof together with two-meter shock-proof
  • Multiple charging options
  • Dual power switches with Intuitive mode selector


  • Pricey
  • Low-quality switch

This Streamlight 78101 Rechargeable Flashlight is the best regular flashlight meant for work because it does the job. This zoomable body-mounted common flashlight produces 2, 500 lumens of light at its brightest. This can flow a 315-meter beam of non-diminishing ultra-bright light for 2 straight time. Its 2, 600 mAh Li-ion battery power packs are overcharge-protected and additionally good for around 500 getting cycles. Each charge takes six to eight hours to reach full capacity.

Often the Streamlight 78101 features dual but independent head-tail energy switches along with intuitive method selectors. This enables you to change from high, medium, or maybe low light ways to strobe by a simple double-tap. It can be used for target identification by security personnel, search and rescue missions, low light photography, not to mention welding, among others. IPX7 rated, this TAA-compliant flashlight offers two-meter impact resistance and it is waterproof. Made of aluminum and also non-slip rubberized side panels, it weighs in at 12. three or more ounces as well as doubles like a handy a plan weapon designed for self-defense. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and can serve you for more than 10 years.

Best For Function

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