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The particular infotainment center in Teslas is closer to a personal computer these days. The latest version of the infotainment unit, MC3, is powered by AMD’s Navi 23 GPU  and is capable of playing graphics-intensive, modern games such as “Cyberpunk 2077”  (via Videocardz ).   Newer Model S and X cars can play any game in your Steam library (via Not A Tesla App ), thanks to that discrete GPU. Design 3 plus Y vehicles have an AMD-powered infotainment but don’t have the additional GPU. Tesla also has online games in Arcade mode, with “Cuphead” in addition to “Stardew Valley” being standout titles (via New YorKars ).

Gaming isn’t all the infotainment can do. Theater Mode includes streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and even YouTube, so you can binge-watch your favorite shows while parked. Music streaming services are also installed, with Spotify, Tidal, together with Apple Songs . There’s a web browser, so you don’t have to pull out your phone or laptop to get things done. Toybox has multiple apps and additionally easter eggs to play along with. Those include Boombox, which can play a variety of sounds from the external speaker (when parked, of course), a Light Show, a rainbow glow around the charge port, and multiple tweaks to the on-screen navigation view. You can also turn on Romance Mode, which puts a virtual fireplace onto the infotainment screen for you to snuggle up in front of.

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