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TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) – Cultivate Events and Enrichment Center in Temple is offering self-defense and survival training courses for women during the last two Tuesday’s and Thursday’s of October to provide women with tools and techniques to protect themselves in dangerous situations.

“In this area, we know there are issues with trafficking, and our girls are under attack more than ever, ” Doree Collins, Executive Director of Cultivate Events and Richness Center, said. “If they can be equipped with ways to protect on their own, then why not create a space where they can do that. ”

According to Saef System School of Defense in Killeen, about one in six ladies will experience a violent situation in their lifetime. The situation could range from being attacked while walking alone at night or being abused by an intimate partner.

A majority of women who learn self defense say they feel more confident and safe.

That’s why Saef System Instructor and father of daughters, Richard White, is persistent on teaching self-defense courses to provide these tactics.

“I try to give people what they need to get home, that’s what this is all about, ” he said.

White, who has been training self-defense for over a decade, will teach the course in Temple.

“We are going to put them in scenarios of being grabbed because that is generally the most common way a women is assaulted, how to escape from that, situational awareness… we are trying to get them prepared to live in this world which is pretty difficult to live in, especially for women, ” White stated.

White mentioned the course will consist of both beginner and advanced techniques. He said the particular course will also feature simulated situations to teach women what to look for in certain situations.

“Self-defense plus safety is about 90% mental and 10% physical, ” White explained. “If you’re not responsive and not aware, then you are not going to react properly. ”

He claimed women do not have to be physically fit to protect by themselves.

“Everybody doesn’t need to be extremely muscular or have the best cardio, ” White said. “We are not talking about a sport or a competition. We are talking about everyone getting house safely… so we are trying to train everyone to work with their limitations so that they have none. ”

The course is from 6 p. m. to 8 p. m. Tuesday in addition to Thursday until the end associated with October. Courses will be held at Cultivate Event and even Enrichment Center in Temple. It is $75, and women who are interested can sign up simply by sending an email to [email protected]. com.

It is also recommended to wear gym clothes and no jewelry.

White says even after attending one course, Women should continue to practice the tools together with techniques to always be prepared.

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