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Raksha Bandhan 2022: Must-have safety tools for women to use against criminals | Photo: File

Raksha Bandhan is a festival that honours siblings and the bond that they share. Rakhi, a sacred thread, is tied by sisters around their brothers’ wrists. And in exchange, brothers pledge to offer lifelong protection. Unfortunately, women frequently need to take the initiative for their own protection because they can’t always rely on their brothers and sisters. It’s crucial to practise self-defense and raise awareness of problems like eve-teasing, stalking, and assault.

Even though assaults and violence against women frequently make the news, very few women who live in large cities carry safety equipment. These tools can provide you a sense of security in addition to saving you in unfortunate, unforeseen circumstances.

Despite the fact that incidents can happen anywhere at any time, many women choose not to have safety gear. They believe these gadgets will make their own bags heavier, which is one major factor. However , there are a few safety devices in the market that are easy to carry plus fit in the pocket or purse.

Pepper Spray

Unfortunately, crimes like eve-teasing and stalking are very common in Indian. Women must therefore be ready for all scenarios. A US-based company that will specialises in safety equipment has unveiled its exclusive line of pepper sprays. These pepper sprays are developed specifically for women who are concerned about big, heavy spice up sprays. To address the size issue, they also introduced sprays that were “lipstick-sized. ”

Pepper Gels

Spice up gels and pepper sprays are quite similar, although pepper gels are more powerful because of their higher concentration than spice up sprays. Additionally , pepper gels can be applied farther away.

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Taser/Stun guns

Tasers are usually less widely available than pepper spray, yet police officers use them to prevent crime worldwide. Tasers are less dangerous because they are non-lethal. The jolt it delivers is sufficient to temporarily knock a man or woman unconscious, therefore it works best when the victim is close to the user. If you have a Taser gun, you might not be able to travel in Delhi Metro.

Foldable rods

These foldable metal rods are useful security equipment if you frequently journey alone. These rods can harm the attacker with just one strike and are lightweight. You can keep it in your car even if you don’t feel like carrying it in your backpack. particularly if you intend to drive on a highways.  

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