Physical Therapy in Duluth, MN

Physical Therapy in Duluth

Physical therapy is an important part of rehabilitation after an injury. It helps patients overcome their limitations and participate in everyday activities again. This type of therapy is helpful for patients of all ages, and can be helpful for a variety of conditions. Some common examples of physical therapy include stroke recovery and treating non-acute injuries. Therapists in this field often work as part of a team with other healthcare professionals to treat patients.

Upstream Rehabilitation

If you are looking for a high-quality physical therapy in Duluth, MN, you’ve come to the right place. Upstream Rehabilitation Institute is one of the nation’s top providers of physical therapy management services. As a physician, Upstream can help you determine the best path to take in terms of retaining your practice equity and obtaining the best possible valuation. The Duluth clinic is part of a network that includes BenchMark Physical Therapy, Julia Drayer Physical Therapy Institute, and Upstream Physical Therapy.

Upstream Rehabilitation is the largest pure-play outpatient physical therapy provider in the United States, with more than 900 clinics in 28 states. Upstream’s approximately 3,500 physical therapists treat more than 5 million patients annually. Its recent acquisition of Results Physiotherapy will enable it to offer better, more affordable care to its patients.

Excel North Physical Therapy & Performance

If you’re in need of physical therapy or have been injured in a sports accident, Excel North Physical Therapy & Performance is the best place to turn. This clinic puts patient health first, focusing on your whole body’s recovery. Their team of physical therapists will help you improve your physical condition and reach your peak athletic performance. They accept all insurance plans and treat the whole body to get you back on the field or court.

When looking for physical therapy in Duluth, don’t go anywhere else. Excel North Physical Therapy & Performance is a community-run clinic that focuses on achieving optimal health and performance. They help patients achieve their full potential through individualized physical therapy treatment plans, which are customized to address the needs of each patient. Their physical therapists, such as Jamie Foreman, are Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialists.

The Duluth office offers core physical therapy services, including pediatric therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. They also offer neurological rehab, which helps people prepare for surgery and recover from an injury. Rehabilitation helps the body recover from an injury or accident, improve range of motion, and reduce pain. Physical therapy can also improve strength and mobility.

St. Luke’s

If you’re looking for outpatient physical therapy services, St. Luke’s Physical Therapy in Duluth can help you. Their mission is to help patients overcome physical pain and limitations. Their board-certified physical therapists conduct an extensive assessment of each patient to determine the best treatment plan.

The clinic is located in the newly renovated St. Luke’s Proctor Fitness Center, which is located on the campus of Proctor High School. Licensed physical therapist Jessie Wojtysiak attended Proctor High School and graduated from the College of Saint Scholastica. She joined the St. Luke’s team in 2010 and also works at the Miller Creek Medical Clinic.

Patients can use the YMCA facilities to get in and out of therapy. Whether it’s sports physical therapy, orthopedic injury rehabilitation, or running evaluations, St. Luke’s offers treatment that will meet your needs. Patients can take advantage of the facility’s pool and other facilities, and don’t need to be a member to use its facilities.

St. Luke’s Downtown YMCA

If you’re in need of physical therapy, St. Luke’s Downtown YMCA in Duluth offers board-certified therapists and private treatment rooms. The therapists specialize in helping individuals overcome physical limitations and pain. Patients do not have to be YMCA members to use the facility’s services. Guests can also use the YMCA’s fitness facilities and pools during their physical therapy sessions.

The Downtown YMCA location is located in the same building as the YMCA’s other branches. This means patients can seamlessly transition from physical therapy to their regular fitness routine. Moreover, patients should feel at home in the YMCA’s gym. It is a good idea for patients to recognize friendly faces and feel comfortable in a familiar environment. The atmosphere of the facility also facilitates the patient’s transition to a regular exercise routine after treatment.