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Maysville Hands of Hope is teaming up with Life’s Ultimate Martial Arts Academy for the second year to hold a women’s only self-protection seminar.

The event is free and will be held at the academy on Jan. 21, from 10 a. m. to noon, and is open to girls and women ages 13 and up.

Founder associated with MHOH Niccole Harris said women will learn self-defense, active shooter training and environmental training from the owner of the academy, Adam Snipes.

“I don’t feel there’s a lot of education when it comes to women protecting themselves, especially our elderly. Knowing simple things and techniques they can use no matter their age is important, ” Harris said.

Harris feels crime is rising every year everywhere, including Maysville, and women are more vulnerable to assault.

“Bring your daughters, your own mom, your current grandma, the sisters, and women friends. All women need to know how to stay safe in any situation and that’s what this seminar is for, ” she said.

More than 180, 000 women are assaulted each day in the U. S., according to Snipes, and one in four women experience some form of sexual assault.

“We run many women’s self-defense workshops plus seminars throughout the entire year, ” Snipes said.

Snipes said he has been in business for 24 years and does seminars in addition to trainings in schools, churches, and various businesses that are tailored to each building and the dangers that may occur.

He said the focus of this workshop is to teach women basic and simple techniques for protection, things any woman can do regardless of strength, age, or disability.

The main concept is to be aware of your surroundings (environmental training), and the tools at your disposal such as hands and even feet. An elderly person may have the walker, cane or even a wheelchair which can be used in defense.

Sometimes the best defense may be flight instead of fight, escaping different types of holds or avoiding an attack by learning situational awareness.

During the seminar different attacks, assaults together with holds will be simulated and how best to handle each scenario will be demonstrated, according to Snipes.

While many from the workshops Snipes does are usually open to all ages, he stated the women-only seminar is perfect for teens or more because of the content dealing with rape, domestic violence and sex assault.

Though the conversation will be kept clean and ‘PG, ’ according to Snipes, it may not be suitable for younger girls although if the mother has no problem with the content he has let girls as young as 11 participate in the workshop.

Snipes mentioned he wants to impart fundamental awareness, simple and effective processes for defense and additionally protection as well as street smarts to the women of Maysville with this class.

Harris explained last year only 15 ladies showed up to the seminar but she anticipates more joining this year with 56 females interested not to mention 24 RSVP’s so far. She encourages more women to join and also said there is still plenty of space.

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