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Before we continue with the series entitled “Guiding Principles of Self Defense, ” we need to briefly delve into a critically important variable that influences all other aspects of the discussion. That being: Mindset!

When defending yourself or your loved ones, using any form of weapon, there are three things to consider: Skill, strength and mindset.

SKILL: Have you developed the skills necessary to effectively utilize the weapon, so you don’t hurt yourself or innocent bystanders?

STRENGTH: Are you physically strong enough to employ whichever tool you choose to respond with? If you are 90 years old, a baseball bat may not be your best defensive option!

MINDSET: This is an extremely important factor to consider, perhaps the most important of all.

By mindset I mean, do you have the will to fight, do you have the necessary self-confidence and clearness of thought, can you make informed critical decisions on the spot? A firearm, a tactical pen or even an Abrams Tank are of little value if you are not mentally prepared to use them. Included in that preparedness is knowing your responsibilities plus possible consequences of your actions under the law.

By definition, mindset is “an established set of attitudes developed by someone. ” In self-defense this may include how you will react under extreme stress or “when the particular chips are usually down. ” Has your brain been trained to handle such a traumatic situation? If the “wolf” suddenly stares you in the face will you become a lamb or a tiger? Mindset can be the determining factor.

So how do I acquire such a mindset? I suggest training, either personal or professional. To some individuals it comes naturally but to many it requires coaching! Military and police personnel train extensively to develop an appropriate mindset to handle the numerous dangerous situations that they may encounter, you can develop your own personal mindset if you work at it.

Way of thinking can be more important to your safety than the actual tools of self-defense. If the need arises (and I sincerely hope that it does not) become that tiger I mentioned, not a surrendering lamb. Bad guys love lambs that do not oppose their actions but are not happy at all when faced with a tiger. Always use your best judgment and get teaching that can be associated with value.

Remember, preparedness, not really paranoia! Next week we will discuss principles No . 4 plus 5.

K. H. Kraft has over 40 years of affiliations with intelligence and police organizations. Sources for these articles are decades of personal experience and numerous official manuals.

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