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After feeling unsafe at her college campus, a Connecticut native created a fashionable keychain with multiple self-defense tools to help women feel safe.   And she’s promoting them on TikTok.  

Bridgeport native Alyssa Collazo, 23,   sells the keychains via her online store called Fabulyss Boutique.

The idea came after Collazo  was made to feel  unsafe at the girl college by a staff member upon campus. She reported the staff member to the school. Some time after,   her car was broken into.

“I did not feel safe [at that]  point. I ended up moving back home and started commuting to classes, ” she said.

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At first, she made the keychains for her friends and family who motivated her to open an Etsy shop. The girl said she wanted to create something that looked fashionable and discrete. Her mother then  encouraged  her to make a TikTok to promote the particular keychains plus help others. All it took was one video to “blow up. ” Fabulyss Boutique’s TikTok has 1 . 5 million followers with a total of 30. 8 million likes  on videos.  

“It took two-three months for my business to blow up. The video that went viral received around one million views and after that, every movie would receive more than 20, 000, ” she stated.

When Collazo started the girl business, the girl said her main goal was to target women in their 20s to 40s.  

Self-defense keychains sold on Fabulyss Boutique by Bridgeport native Alyssa Collazo.

Self-defense keychains sold on Fabulyss Boutique by Bridgeport native Alyssa Collazo.

Contributed by Fabulyss Boutique

Self-defense keychains sold on Fabulyss Boutique by Bridgeport native Alyssa Collazo.

Self-defense keychains sold on Fabulyss Boutique simply by Bridgeport native Alyssa Collazo.

Added by Fabulyss Boutique

Self-defense keychains by Fabulyss Boutique. Fabulyss Shop / Led

The self-defense keychains contain:

  • Kubotan is for stabbing 
  • Safety alarm/ LED light is perfect for people to hear and easy to spot the victim
  • Pepper spray (optional) is used to deter an assailant 
  • Wristlet, pom and chapstick holder

“The pepper spray shoots up to 10 feet, ” the lady said. “I like the pepper spray the most because it has an UV dye which marks the targets face so when the police catch them, it is easy to spot the person. ”

Collazo expressed how important the safety alarm is and  that it has helped many of the girl clients. “I have had people reach out to me saying the safety alarm is loud and how this scared the particular assailant away, ” she said.

Security needs can vary depending on a person’s physical ability, medical condition plus daily routines, said the media relations spokesperson for Connecticut State Police. Those work or work late hours or early mornings may have different concerns than people who work during the day. State police added that the most important security feature to have is a charged phone with which to call 911 if needed. Being aware of surroundings, like suspicious individuals, activity or even vehicles is also key.

Fabulyss Boutique also sells stun guns, portable door locks and self-defense  add-ons  for the keychain.

According to Connecticut Condition Police, those 21 plus older are permitted in order to carry electronic defense weapons , such as tasers or stun guns if they possess a valid firearm permit. “An electronic defense weapon may be kept in the home or business but may not be transported/carried by anyone who does not possess a valid CT pistol permit, ” a media relations spokesperson for state police mentioned via email.

In August, Collazo required a picture in front of a Fabulyss Boutique billboard ad located in West Haven near the University of New Destination and posted it upon Instagram. There is another one near Yale College.

“It felt amazing seeing it” the girl said.

Because her products have gone viral and sell out, she has taken her at-home company and moved production to a warehouse. Collazo buys fabric for the wristlets then the girl grandmother cuts, iron and hand makes them. As for the rest of the keychain, Collazo buys all the items separately plus assembles all of them. Her family members gave up what they were doing and now work for her business. “They have given up so much to help me personally with the business and I is grateful, ” the lady said.  

“I don’t like the fact [that customers] had to use these tools, but I am happy they had my product to help them and save their life, ” said Collazo.

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