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Gradey Dick (Kansas, SG/SF, Freshman)

Kansas freshman guard Gradey Dick

NBA Comparison: Kevin Huerter

Gradey Dick (6-foot-8) and Kevin Huerter (6-foot-7) both possess an appealing combination of positional wing size and shooting.

Their value revolves around shot-making and the ability to rise up over defenders. But Huerter flew up draft boards by flashing more than just a stroke, and Cock should follow suit simply by showcasing extra shooting versatility and ball skills.

Both are still off-ball scorers, but as we watch Huerter now average 16. 6 points and 3. 2 assists as a Sacramento King, Dick similarly has another level of offense to reach with his pull-up game plus passing IQ for secondary playmaking.

Keyonte George (Baylor, PG/SG, Freshman)

NBA Assessment: Jamal Murray

With solid frames, three-level shot-making skills, supplementary playmaking ability and limited explosiveness, Keyonte George and Jamal Murray are similar combo guards.

Neither wows athletically. They unload on defenses with shooting confidence and the versatility to drill jumpers off dribbles and movement. But they’re also clever scorers who have a reputation for being able to take over key stretches or hit clutch shots late.

Ideally, they aren’t the lineup’s best passer, given their shot-hunting mentality. However , both have shown they can operate as setup men when needed, allowing them to take on different roles depending on game script.

Scoot Henderson (G League Ignite, PG, 2004)

NBA Comparison: Derrick Rose/Russell Westbrook

Explosiveness as a ball-handler separates Scoot Henderson, as it did for Derrick Rose plus Russell Westbrook in their primes.

These point guards possess a special blend of speed, burst and power on their way to the rim. Their capability to hang in the air and absorb contact makes them highly effective finishers.

Like Rose, Henderson is more of a scorer than a playmaker. And similar to both MVPs, he struggles from three but can still beat defenders in one-on-one situations with his mid-range pull-ups.

Decision-making is Henderson’s biggest weakness right now, but the production he’s poised to put up is bound to offset any effect of his turnovers or forced shots.

GG Jackson (South Carolina, PF, Freshman)

NBA Comparison: Christian Wood/Pascal Siakam

At 6-foot-9, 215 pounds, GG Jackson is currently at his best rim-running, finishing and offensive rebounding. Like Alfredia Wood plus Pascal Siakam, he’s also flashed a comfort level capturing threes or even making plays off the dribble.

Siakam seems like a best-case outcome if his face-up game and shot-making flexibility take off. A lesser version could be Wood, who still averaged a double-double last year, though he does have defensive question marks. Jackson is similarly active on the particular boards, plus early signs point to a big who’ll regularly be launching threes.

Cleaning up his in-between game when forced to put the ball on the floor will be key to their chances of reaching Siakam levels offensively.

Dereck Lively II (Duke, C, Freshman)

Dariq Whitehead (left) and Dereck Lively II

Dariq Whitehead (left) and Dereck Energetic II

NBA Comparison: Brook Lopez

At 7-foot-1, 230 pounds, Dereck Vibrant II looks (physically) plus moves like Brook Lopez. Lively will similarly serve as a giant finishing weapon and shot-blocker with a massive reach around the basket.

Both are strictly anchors from the 5-spot. Lively has also flashed useful, over-the-shoulder touch to score from the post. And though he might not be shooting many threes at Duke, he put an emphasis on showcasing his range last year in high school.

Eventually, Lively could mirror Lopez as a rim protector who can stretch the floor and score with one-handers around the essential.

Brandon Miller (Alabama, SF, Freshman)

NBA Comparison: Ziaire Williams/Jaden McDaniels

Brandon Miller’s 6-foot-9 size plus wing skills hint at the same type of upside tied to Ziaire Williams and Jaden McDaniels.

We’re still waiting to learn more about Miller’s three-point plus defensive consistency, but he has clear variety and confidence in his shot, plus the right tools with regard to guarding both forward spots.

Ideally, the team that drafts Miller gets Williams’ shot-making and McDaniels’ two-point finishing plus defense. The Alabama freshman looks more athletic than both pros, but this individual ultimately possesses similar measurements, perimeter game and defensive tools.

Nick Smith Jr. (Arkansas, PG/SG, Freshman)

NBA Comparison: CJ McCollum

Like CJ McCollum, Nick Smith Jr. is a scorer whose creativity allows him to furthermore run the point.

Neither player uses advantageous athletic traits to earn buckets or free throws. Smith creates space with change of speed and direction via his handle. And he projects as a versatile, three-level scorer with pull-ups, floaters plus spot-up shooting.

Since joining the New Orleans Pelicans, McCollum has averaged 5. 9 assists per game, a number that seems realistic for the Arkansas combination guard. Jones has shown he can make passing reads and play the particular setup role when needed, although he isn’t likely to ever challenge playmakers like Trae Young, Tyrese Haliburton or even Chris Paul on the assist leaderboards.

Terquavion Cruz (NC State, SG, Sophomore)

NBA Comparison: Jordan Poole

Terquavion Smith’s archetype is clear: an instant-offense scorer who are able to create his own shot plus add shot-making firepower.

He’s another version of Michael jordan Poole together with his ability to generate offense one-on-one and drill tough, little jumpers.

Both players ooze confidence, which can lead to factors in bunches but also some questionable shots.

Like Poole, Smith can ultimately act as an isolation or off-ball, catch-and-shoot weapon.

Amen Thompson (Overtime Elite, PG/SG, 2003)

NBA Evaluation: Ja Morant

Finding a comparison regarding Amen Thompson means being a bit open-minded and picturing a taller Ja Morant. Otherwise, there hasn’t been an obvious 6-foot-7 playmaker blessed with Thompson’s speed, bounce and flexibility.

Like Morant, Thompson’s quick change associated with direction can make it impossible to stay in front of him. It fuels his playmaking, which is elevated by point-guard instincts and willing passing.

And then there is their signature ability to launch themselves at the edge.

These are rare guards who can score within volume without a lethal jumper thanks to how effectively these people shake defenders off the dribble, squeezing through tight gaps and beating rim protection with their athletic gifts.

Ausar Thompson (Overtime Elite, SG/SF, 2003)

NBA Comparison: Andrew Wiggins

At this point, Ausar Thompson’s manufacturing and function are mostly powered by quickness and athleticism. He’ll be optimized playing Andrew Wiggins’ role, where he’ll be valued intended for his play-finishing and defense initially operating between superior creators and shooters.

Yet Thompson has plenty of untapped scoring potential. Like Wiggins’ jump chance did, Thompson’s will need time to develop regularity and efficiency from behind the arc. Ideally, until Thompson’s one-on-one execution plus stroke become more reliable, he’ll fill the supporting part that performs to their strengths like a transition tool, slasher and defender.

But flashes from Overtime suggest he can eventually deliver a scoring punch similar to Wiggins once he or she sharpens his shot-making.

Cason Wallace (Kentucky, PG/SG, Freshman)

NBA Comparison: Jrue Holiday

Cason Wallace mirrors Jrue Holiday in a number of ways, from their defensive impact to his combo-guard label and capability to produce along with skill plus feel more than athleticism.

Like Holiday offers, Wallace will earn the reputation to get applying tough ball pressure and guarding multiple positions.

Offensively, the Kentucky ball-handler mixes crafty scoring and playmaking IQ, a combination that should create an easy fit with any lineup.

If there is a con to Wallace, it’s that will he’s missing one elite offensive strength, though he’s ultimately sharp enough across the board in order to fill up box scores simply by picking their spots to drive, capitalizing on space with photos off the sweat, making passing reads plus hauling in boards.

Dariq Whitehead (Duke, SG/SF, Freshman)

NBA Assessment: Bennedict Mathurin/Harrison Barnes

Dariq Whitehead possesses Bennedict Mathurin’s tools and shot-making versatility, but the Duke junior isn’t as athletic. And if that restricted explosion holds him back, he could wind up more like a complementary scorer and function player such as Harrison Barnes.

Whitehead and Mathurin may both create their own shot around the perimeter with pull-ups and step-backs or off-screen shooting. Both have the potential to be tough point-of-attack defenders capable of guarding multiple positions.

Yet Whitehead does lack a degree of burst open, and if he winds up reliant on jumpers, he may fall into the Barnes role that calls for more spot-up play plus passing.

Cam Whitmore (Villanova, SF, Freshman)

NBA Evaluation: OG Anunoby/Jaylen Brown

Depending on exactly how Cam Whitmore’s self-creation evolves over the next five years, he could look like OG Anunoby or Jaylen Brown.

At this point, he still mostly relies on outstanding power and explosiveness for scoring and racking up easy baskets. But he is also trending upward being a set shooter, and unless Whitmore totally struggles to improve his shielding IQ, his 6-foot-7, 232-pound frame appears like a lock to help defensively and allow your pet to guard ball-handlers, wings and bigger forwards.

A baseline projection envisions a good Anunoby type who’s more of a third option than one who’ll carry a team’s offensive workload.

Gradual honing of their skills could lead to the second coming of Brown, who combines overwhelming equipment and athleticism with capable self-creation plus three-level shot-making. The strides he’s made with his jumper suggest his scoring development may be worth betting on.

Jarace Walker (Houston, PF, Freshman)

NBA Comparison: Julius Randle/Tari Eason

At 6-foot-8, 240 lbs, Jarace Master immediately stands out for their strong, chiseled frame. Physically, he resembles Julius Randle, and while Randle’s decision-making and inefficiency have overshadowed his production, this individual and Walker offer similar ball-handling, passing and shot-making versatility.

With a power forward’s frame, Master can initiate breaks, playmake out of pick-and-rolls and attack in area. He operates out of the post, using their strength or footwork plus fallaway contact.

Walker will be closer to Tari Eason defensively with his ability to guard each forward places and make athletic plays on the ball. Such as Eason may, Walker figures to ultimately log minutes at the a few, 4 and 5 throughout his career.

Victor Wembanyama (Metropolitans 92, PF/C, 2004)

NBA Assessment: Anthony Davis/Chet Holmgren

With Defensive Player of the Year benefit and the possible to lead the NBA in blocks, Victor Wembanyama also offers No . 1 option rating skills as well as the fluidity to realistically pull them off.

There is not a singular gamer who appears even remotely comparable to Wembanyama in terms of physical tools, remoteness creation capability, perimeter shot-making, elite finishing and casing protection. Anthony Davis averaged over 24 points pertaining to six consecutive seasons after developing into an inside-out threat with his handle plus shooting, and Wembanyama seems capable of matching those numbers while mirroring Davis’ rim play, article jumpers plus comfort level through three.

And like Davis and Chet Holmgren, another mobile, thin-but-long shot-blocker that covers ground fast and possesses outstanding intuition, Wembanyama appears capable of changing games by shutting down the paint and guarding in space.

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