Among the mental and emotional coping tools for kids: Karate – ABC 10 News San Diego KGTV

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (KGTV) — With the increase in violence the U. S. has seen over the last few years, parents and students are feeling more anxious than ever.

Sal Convento, a local karate instructor, is doing what he can to help kids growing up in today’s overwhelming climate.

“When you are alert…mentally, emotionally, physically plus spiritually…you’re going to be better all around, ” Convento told his students in a class on Tuesday night.

Convento, who was formerly in the military, is an instructor at United States Karate Academy located on Sports Arena Boulevard.

“Discipline, confidence, focus, respect, in addition to persistence…that’s what we try to embody. To become, ” he said.

Convento says these are core values and even tools any person can equip themselves with to become the “best version of themselves. ”

He says karate serves as a form of mental and physical self defense. Several parents agreed and shared they enrolled their child for these reasons.

“I find myself getting really teary eyed. Watching the news. And it’s again … where is the value of life? ” said Ashley Muñiz.

Muñiz says she’s noticed students learn not only how to face life’s challenges, but also how to respect life itself.

“I heard them teaching last week…you’re not an attacker. You defend yourself and others…and that takes self control, ” she said.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor. Black or white, Asian or Hispanic … we all love each other because we all train the same way, ” said Monasterio.

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