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We chose the best apps based on their mental health focus, user-friendly interface, availability, and techniques they offer. Based on these factors, these types of five apps are an excellent place to start if you’re looking for a boost to your psychological health.


  • Price: $14. 99 per month or $69. 99 annual subscription
  • Features: Meditations, masterclasses, music, soothing sounds, sleep stories, gentle exercises and educational guides

Calm is a mindfulness plus meditation app designed to help you live a more productive, stress-free life. The app offers guided meditations, sleep tales, breathing workouts and relaxation tools to help you wind down and fall asleep.

“Those with mental health struggles often feel burdened by negative thought patterns, but by making use of Calm, users can meditate to focus their attention on their breath and/or the present moment which can help eliminate jumbled in addition to overwhelming negativity within their minds, ” explains Dr . Popilski.

The “Calm Body” feature offers stretching and yoga videos to assist you relax. The particular app also caters to children with its “Calm Kids” section of meditation workout routines, lullabies and even peaceful sounds.


  • Price: $12. 99 per month or $69. 99 annual subscription
  • Features: Meditations, exercises, inspiring wake-up stories, sleepcasts, music, audio experiences together with courses

”Headspace is an useful emotional wellness tool that provides guided lessons on mindfulness, sleep, and stress reduction to help people live healthier lives, ” explains Glenn. “It has been downloaded by millions of people around the globe and is a highly utilized wellness resource. ”

Headspace provides various meditation exercises and additionally tools. Typically the app has a 14-day trial period, after which you pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to access the full library of meditations.

With the app, you can customize your meditation practice to focus on specific goals such as improving rest, managing stress or enhancing performance. It also has courses where beginners can learn more about guided yoga.


  • Cost: Free to $8. 99 each month
  • Functions: Mood tracking, guided journeys, coping tools, progress assessments and peer support; optional coaching not to mention therapy

Sanvello is really a mental wellness app that offers CBT and also meditation therapy exercises to those living with stress, anxiety as well as depression. The platform features daily mood monitoring to help you identify patterns and influences on your mental well being.

“Sanvello assists its users in recognizing their own negative thought patterns plus feelings in addition to subsequently guiding their customers towards adopting more productive and more healthy thoughts, ” says Popilskis.

Through expert support, consumers can connect with others struggling with similar mind health concerns. These community message boards and chat groups are designed to be safe spaces and are monitored for concerning behavior.

This app also offers articles and even videos upon coping with anxiety and depression, managing tension and improving sleep.


  • Price: Free to $14. 99 per month and up
  • Features: Assessments, evidence-based mental health and fitness exercises, games and progress tracking

Happify is actually a positive psychology app that provides activities together with games to boost your mood and additionally well-being. Each week, you’ll receive new challenges based on your goals, including enhancing relationships, managing stress or even increasing work satisfaction.

“Happify helps individuals overcome their particular negative thoughts not to mention stress so they can live happier lives, ” Glenn notes. “It can be an especially helpful resource for those new to CBT and positive psychology. ”

With Happify, you can track your progress over time and see how your mood improves along with regular use of the app. System also offers articles and tips on topics like coping with anxiety, improving sleeping and building positive relationships.


  • Value: Free to $4. 49 monthly or $27. 99 for annual membership
  • Functions: Mood checking, symptoms tracking, medication log, activity log, behavior trends, reminders and also journaling

Bearable offers tools that will help you track your entire day, mental overall health, mental as well as physical symptoms, medication and more. You can set reminders and sync essential health data from your smart devices.

“Self-tracking allows individuals to be active participants in their mental wellbeing by better understanding their very own specific triggers and learning how to accomplish mood stabilization, ” explains Dr . Popilskis.

Often the app furthermore monitors your own progress and offers personalized insights and stats so you can better understand how different treatments impact your health.

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