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The 2022-23 NBA season has had a lot of headline material already, and action has continued to intensify during the holiday season. Despite that, a lot of NBA fans are looking ahead to the future talents who’ll play in the Association. Likewise, scouts are already talking about the 2023 NBA Draft . That’s especially after many college players have seen actions in the current NCAA season and boosting their stocks. Here, we’ll have the Christmas Edition of our 2023 NBA Model Draft.

More freshmen who are breaking out, player injuries, and a few underperforming players that are losing scouts’ favor are just some of the things that have affected the NBA draft conversation for 2023.

There has been discussion over who should go after Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson. Those are, of course , whom most scouts agree are the top two choices. Nick Smith Jr. from Arkansas, Cameron Whitmore through Villanova, Keyonte George from Baylor, and even Brandon Miller from Alabama have joined the conversation with the Thompson brothers through Overtime Elite .

There are still a few candidates left that also seem like solid late-lottery alternatives.

Many project the particular 2023 draft class to be pretty deep, which will make it very interesting to present this Christmas Version of our NBA Mock Draft. The NBA Mock Draft order below was taken from Tankathon (as of December 25).

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2023 NBA Mock Set up, Christmas Release

1) Victor Wembanyama (Detroit Pistons)

Wembanyama is the top pick in our NBA Mock Set up. The French player, who is currently averaging 22. 6 points, nine rebounds, and three blocks per game within the Betclic Élite league, has an impressive 7’8 wingspan and has already shown glimpses of greatness during his time with ASVEL in the Euroleague. The Pistons, who have the worst record in the NBA at 8-26, are looking to add Wembanyama to their roster alongside Cade Cunningham and Jaden Ivey next season.

2) Scoot Henderson (Charlotte Hornets)

Henderson is another standout in our Mock Draft, coming in at No . 2 . Before being sidelined with a nose fracture and concussion for over a month, Henderson was averaging 21. 2 factors, 5. 8 assists, plus 4. 5 rebounds for each game. In a notable performance, Henderson recorded a career-high 16 assists and added 18 points and six rebounds in 35 minutes in a win over Santa Cruz.

3) Brandon Callier (Houston Rockets)

Miller climbs as a top-five prospect in our NBA Mock Pen due to his size and skill set at the wing position. Miller recently scored a freshman season-high 36 factors, including 6 3-pointers, in a close loss to Gonzaga. He is presently averaging 19. 3 points per game and shooting 44% from beyond the particular arc.

4) Amen Thompson (San Antonio Spurs)

One of the Thompson twins is another best prospect, averaging 27 factors per 40 minutes. Amen had their best game on December 9th, posting 23 points and eight assists. He and his twin brother are both working on improving their outside jumpers before entering the league next year, with Amen being the better playmaker of the two.

5) Nick Smith Jr. (Washington Wizards)

Jones Jr. rounds out the top five in our NBA Mock Draw up. Smith Junior. has been dealing with right knee management plus missed the first six games of the season with a minor injury. However , he has demonstrated enough potential during high school all-star games and preseason play to become considered a solid guard, particularly with his pick-and-roll skills and ability to make the right read whether it be the pass, a floater in the lane, or a 3-point jumper. Smith Jr. averaged nineteen. 6 factors in 3 games upon returning to the particular court.

6) Cameron j. Whitmore (Orlando Magic)

Whitmore is a player that could make an impact with his explosiveness and power as he develops his half-court skills. NBA teams, including the Magic, will be attracted to his athleticism, aggression, and ability to drive through contact plus finish plays, as well as their defensive playmaking. While he has shown some potential inside dribble moves and shot-making, he needs to become more consistent and sharp in these areas. Currently, he is shooting 6-of-22 from three-point range and it has two aids in four games.

7) Ausar Thompson (New Orleans Pelicans)

The other Thompson twin has such unique and functional athletic abilities that will NBA teams will be patient with his skill development. Even without a reliable perimeter game, Ausar’s quickness and leaping ability in 6’7 make him the high-impact defender and an easy bucket. In the past month, they have also started to show signs of improved shooting, which should put him within the conversation for picks 4-6 if he can continue to improve in this area.

8) Keyonte George (Oklahoma City Thunder)

George is a player who stands out mainly based on his physical gifts. His frame, ball-handling skills, burst for attacking, self-creation moves, and taking pictures confidence/range create him a likely NBA scoring guard. His playmaking IQ is also a plus, adding another level of combo versatility and potential for growth.

9) Jarace Walker (Orlando Magic)

Walker is really a player that teams will overlook depending on his pedestrian per-game numbers. Instead, they will see the possibility of proper development to enhance the skills of the 6’8, 240-pound forward. Remember that he is able to dribble, pass, shoot, plus defend multiple positions.

10) Jett Howard (Golden State Warriors)

Howard is expected to be a popular late-lottery target due to his 6’8 size, consistent capturing, shot-making flexibility, basketball IQ, and defensive tools. Those make him a valuable and fitting potential customer. Howard also has the potential for off-the-dribble scoring, including another degree of upside.

11) Dillon Mitchell (Toronto Raptors)

Mitchell has already established limited production off the block at Texas due to the shooters on the perimeter. He has also not attempted a 3-point field goal this season. Nevertheless , Mitchell is a high-level rebounder, particularly on the offensive glass, and is the raw, sports player having a lot of upside as an NBA prospect.

12) Grady Dick (Utah Jazz)

Dick is a freshman whose 2023 NBA Mock Draft stock has been on the rise, averaging 15. 4 factors in the last 5 games. He is a versatile guard who can play any position around the perimeter and is a high-level defender, particularly when switching on pick-and-roll plays. He averages 1 . five steals per game this season. His best performance was in a make an impression on Indiana where he recorded 20 points, six rebounds, and five steals.

13) Anthony Black (Miami Heat)

Black has seen his touches on offense increase significantly with Trevon Brazile and Smith Junior. out for the Razorbacks. The freshman from Texas has great size and is becoming more comfortable with the particular pace of college basketball. He averages 12. 5 points and only two turnovers in the last two games.

14) Cason Wallace (Portland Trail Blazers)

Wallace is the best on-ball defender in college basketball, forcing 2 . 5 steals per game this season. The 6’4 guard is also becoming more comfortable as a secondary ball handler and recently recorded a season-high 27 points plus nine assists in a conquer Florida A& M.

15) GG Jackson II (Atlanta Hawks)

Jackson is an appealing prospect in our 2023 NBA Mock Draft due to his wing skills, ability to create opportunities for himself on the perimeter, in addition to shooting versatility at 6’9. However , their lack of passing and defensive upside may hold him back in terms of his / her perceived ceiling. Nevertheless, the shot-making ability, tools, and even energy should still make him a strong player with a high floor.

16) Terquavion Smith (Indiana Pacers)

Jones has improved his finishing and playmaking skills this college season. However , his or her main value to the NBA will still be his particular ability to provide instant criminal offense through shot-making and microwave scoring.

17) Dariq Whitehead (New York Knicks)

Whitehead has recently faced questions about his completing, shooting consistency, and shot selection. However , Whitehead is still only 19 years old and has the potential to be a strong scorer and defensive player at 6’7. With his downhill athleticism, ability to make shots off the dribble, and capability to separate into jumpers, Whitehead is an exciting prospect for the Knicks.

18) Kel’el Ware (New York Knicks)

Ware is a player that scouts will focus on the flashes of skill that make your pet a valued stretch five and rim protector. He may be inconsistent so far, but he’s also a 7’0 three-point shooter. Good luck finding more of that. Ware’s basketball IQ also suggests he will be a strong pick-and-roll defender together with shot-blocker.

19) Kyle Filipowski (Utah Jazz)

Filipowski has been Duke’s best player early on and is drawing NBA Mock Draft interest due to his three-point shooting, ability to attack and finish with control, and additionally ball-handling abilities. The Jazz could sure use someone like him or her on the wings.

20) Maxwell Lewis  (Sacramento Kings)

Lewis is a 6’7 wing who has been one of the most efficient scorers in this class. He has produced through a combination of self-creation along with pull-ups, drives, post-ups, not to mention ultra-efficient spot-up shooting. If Lewis can continue with his high-level play, it could help him generate buzz as a potential lottery pick.

21) Ricky Council IV (Los Angeles Clippers)

Council 4 has continued to impress together with each 20-point game. He has showcased their combination of 6’6 size and also exciting athleticism in many ways. These include impressive finishing highlights, ball-handling, burst-to-beat defenders, and tough shot-making expertise.

22) Noah Clowney (Phoenix Suns)

Clowney has entered the 2023 NBA Model Draft discussion due to his / her recent three-point shooting, active rebounding, as well as shot-blocking display. As long as the jumper remains strong, there is likely to be interest in a 6’10 freshman who can stretch the floor. He can also attack closeouts and make plays around the basket at both ends of the court.

23) Brice Sensabaugh (Los Angeles Lakers)

Sensabaugh continues to be too productive to ignore, despite not being a quick or bouncy athlete. He has an unique mix of positional strength, shooting ability, and scoring instincts. He could be a potential difference-maker for that Lakers.

24) Tyrese Proctor (Brooklyn Nets)

Proctor seems to be increasing his or her comfort level, showing more success in converting off self-creation and threes. While his particular lack of burst limits his scoring plus playmaking potential, his 6’5 size, ball-handling skills, shot-making potential, in addition to passing IQ suggest he could play on or even off the ball for the Nets.

25) Rayan Rupert (Utah Jazz)

Rupert has been sidelined by a wrist injury. Nevertheless , he is expected to attract suitors due to their abilities like a shot-maker and even long wing defender at 6’6. This individual should make the Jazz’s side depth even deeper.

26) Taylor Hendricks (Memphis Grizzlies)

Hendricks has emerged as an one-and-done prospect thanks to his / her consistent highlight finishes, three-point shooting, together with shot-blocking. Sure, he is not a strong creator or passer. However , the other tools like his or her two-way athletic abilities and additionally shot-making may be enough to warrant first-round consideration.

27) Kris Murray (Charlotte Hornets)

Murray offers seen his particular rise in this particular NBA Make fun of Draft boosted by improved shot-making. Yes, there are still questions about his ability to produce in the NBA. Still, their off-ball scoring skills using three-point capturing, cutting, drives past closeouts, and offensive rebounding make him a valuable asset. We all know the Hornets need more of that.

28) Dereck Lively II (Indiana Pacers)

Lively 2 may not be in high demand as a non-shooting, non-creator center. However , the team looking to add easy baskets not to mention rim protection could target him due to his excellent shot-blocking rate (4. 6 per 40 minutes). That team could be the Pacers, especially if they trade Myles Turner before the deadline.

29) Jordan Walsh (Houston Rockets)

Walsh has started in order to capitalize on extra on-ball reps and also touches having Trevon Brazile out for the season. His 6’7 size, projectable shooting stroke, passing IQ, high-level defense, and toughness make the dog a valuable player with flexibility. He should be a nice fit in Houston’s system.

30) Marcus Sasser (Indiana Pacers)

Trier could be a good option for a playoff team looking for immediate second-unit firepower. That’s thanks mainly to his / her ball-screen perform and taking pictures versatility. The particular Pacers could fit that bill, especially as they’re on track to become a top-10 team in the East this season.

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