11 Best Weapons Wielded By A Predator – Looper

Hunters never leave home without a hunting knife, if only as a means to dress the animal after the kill. However , just like the hunter’s knife, a Predator never disembarks his ship without a nifty set of wrist blades — and these puppies are definitely meant for up-close and personal encounters. Since the original 1987 film, every Predator has done battle with a set of wrist blades. Some Predators have even taken their wrist cutting blades to the next level, like the Potential predators seen in the first “Alien vs . Predator” film. These alien hunters practically have swords attached to their own wrists.   In fact , it’s a wonder that they can even maneuver with hand blades as big as the ones seen in “AvP. ” 

As far iconic weaponry is concerned, arm blades are a true staple of the Predator’s arsenal. They don’t just maim and kill, they also help work just as effectively in skinning the kill and claiming a souvenir for the good ol’ trophy wall back in the cozy cabin of the Predator ship. In short, never get close to a Predator. Actually, you don’t want to be at a distance from them, either, for other reasons that we’ll get into. Basically, if you see a Predator you’re probably dead meat.

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