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The world can be a scary place. And although you hope you’ll never need to use it, it feels good to know you’re packing some secret back-up, should you ever come into harm’s way.

From tasers to pepper spray to clandestine knives, below you’ll find a pocket-sized self-defense tool for every situation. Stay safe out there.

1 . ITS Hypalon Concealment Wallet –  $59. 99 — $134. 97
Having a solid self-defense tool is useless if you don’t have anywhere in order to stash it. This concealment wallet from Hypalon has two hidden flaps with slots for a handcuff key, wire blade, etc . Plus, the whole thing is chemical-resistant to keep your goods safe no matter what kind of trouble you get into.

2 . Tomahawk Stealth Comb Knife –  $3. 99 
What looks like a standard comb actually has a hidden sheath that reveals a 3 1/4″ knife in the handle. Now you’ll be neither the victim of petty theft nor a bad hair day.

3. The Defender Pepper Spray –  $179
The funded Indiegogo campaign, the particular Defender is without a doubt the world’s smartest pepper spray. Not only is it the highest concentration of the chemcial legally available, the container also snaps a pic of your attacker and sends that and your GPS coordinates to the police when administered. [ More… ]

4. Fifty-Cent Covert Knife –  $39. 00
No one would ever suspect your own loose change is holding a concealed blade. This faux coin splits in half and houses a small knife; just don’t forget and try to buy something with it.

5. Gerber Zip Blade : $12. 00
Yep, even your clothing can transform into a life-saving device these days. This particular little guy from Gerber looks like a regular zipper and can be attached to anything, but when you swivel out the round portion at the bottom, there’s a. 68-inch blade that’s there when you need it but concealed when you don’t.  

6. Uzi Tactical Pen – $15. 96-$23. 96
The only Uzi you can carry in public without breaking all sorts of laws, its line of tactical pens boasts a whole host associated with capabilities, like housing the handcuff key, glass breaker, and even a “DNA catcher”—a jagged tip that can actually  rip shreds of flesh out of your assailant for DNA analysis. [ More… ]

7.   Brutus the Bull Dog Self Defense Keychain – $7. 95
See? Not all self-defense gadgets have to be terrifying. This cuddly-looking keychain really is man’s best friend; the particular impact-resistant plastic and sharp tips of the ears have got your back if need be. Just put your own fingers through the eyes and thrust toward your opponent.

8. Gerber Money Clip –  $26. 50
Your standard money clip can now pack a pretty deadly looking  Titanium nitride-coated knife. Hey, you needed a place for your credit cards anyway, might as well carry around a  fine-edge knife cutting tool, too.

9.   Heavy Duty Hand Claw Spikes Set –  $23. 45
These fully-adjustable claws have an easily adjustable nylon strap plus steel teeth, so you can unleash your inner Wolverine on your would-be enemy.  

10. Yellow Jacket iPhone Stun Gun Case — $59-$149
You already carry your own iPhone in your pocket anyway, why not arm this with a case that doubles as a stun-gun? With ambidextrous triggers and a 950, 000 volt charge, anyone would think twice before trying to steal this guy. Just be careful at airport security. [ More… ]

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. She has, on more than one occasion, been called-pocket sized. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram .

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